Eliminate marking and other unwanted pet behavior

mp_marking_resourcesWhen pets detect traces of urine from a previous peeing accident, they assume it’s ok to repeat the behavior. How can you eliminate the smell to avoid unwanted behaviors from your cat?

Naturally, many people apply a product and believe the problem has been solved! It smells better, so it’s all fine – right? Wrong! Odors have to be degraded to the point where cats can no longer smell it. This can be hard because a cat’s sense of smell is much greater than a human’s. To clean the smell and prevent more “accidents”:

  • Find the source of the smell. Get down on your hands and knees and sniff it out until you find the source.
  • Soak it. If you have a spot on the carpet, apply enough product so all layers of the carpet are impacted. With MESSY PET CAT 2X Pet Stain & Odor Carpet and Upholstery Concentrate, the odor will disappear quickly and effectively. And the best part? It requires no rinsing and dries quickly!
  • Allow the carpet to dry completely. After the carpet is sprayed, the enzymes in the cleaning products need time to break down the odor. Do whatever you can to restrict your pet’s access to this affected area until the odor is eliminated. Until then, there is the threat of another potential accident.

When you take the time to completely eliminate cat urine, your house will smell fresh and your pets will not be drawn to the area. Nobody likes pet messes, so the more you can do to prevent them, the better.