How to remove Cat Urine smell from anything


For pet owners, removing the odor of urine can be difficult. You know the smell – it seems to linger for days, even after both carpet cleanings and carpet removals. Did you know that when bacteria in urine break down the surrounding area they release ammonia and mercaptan (the same substance skunks use as their defense mechanism)? What a horrible smell!

As you’re tackling this stinky problem, remember that cats have a more highly developed sense of smell than humans. This means they can detect urine scents that we may not be able to. When your cat has urinated, she is marking her territory, and it is a signal that she can continue to use this area. The trick to stopping this behavior? Completely remove the odor by using MESSY PET CAT Stain & Odor Remover. MESSY PET CAT works instantly to dissolve the toughest odors by going deep into carpets, upholstery, and any water-soluble surfaces.

Owners are always happy with the immediate results after using MESSY PET and will (eventually) forget all about the previous urine smells in their home. Let’s make sure kitty sticks to the litter box from here on out.