Washing your pet’s bed or bedding


We all know how important it is to have a clean bed. Well, the same goes for your pets! Before you throw your cat’s bedding into the washer, consider pre-treating. One of the most frustrating things about washing a pet’s bedding is when it doesn’t get as clean or fresh smelling as you had hoped. Sometimes, even the most powerful detergents can never do the trick. How do we fix this problem? Enzymes to the rescue!

Enzymes absorb into fabrics and speed up chemical reactions by breaking down organic molecules like urine. They make your job a whole lot easier!

The key to effective stain and odor removal is often time, and as long as enzymes remain in contact with a fabric, they continue working to treat it. For even better results, leave it to sit overnight after you have sprayed the affected area. The enymes in the product eliminates those stinky pet smells that can linger in bedding.

Use the enzymes to boost the cleaning power of detergent

Pre-treating your pet bedding with an enzymatic product, like MESSY PET CAT Stain & Odor Remover, will give your detergent a head start by quickly dissolving stains so they can be removed. When you put your cleaning products to work, laundry and getting rid of those smelly pet stains in bedding is easier than ever.