How to Prevent and Clean Hairballs


Most cat owners are familiar with hairballs. It’s a fact of feline life. Your cat grooms itself and during the process, she may swallow loose hair that collects in the stomach or small intestines, which causes hacking and/or gaging until the hairball leaves the body. In any case, you have a mess to clean up. But never fear, cleanup can be simple:

  • Remove the hairball. Some people use a spoon to scoop it up or a paper towel.
  • Treat the area with a safe, enzymatic-cleaning product, like MESSY PET CAT STAIN & ODOR REMOVER. Enzyme products are the most effective hairball and vomit cleaners and are always pH neutral making them very safe.
  • Saturate the spot and let the product sit. For an older, tougher stain, you may want to leave the product on for longer.
  • Wipe of blot away the product with a clean cloth.

After following these steps, your carpet or flooring will be just fine! Now, what about your cat? Hairballs can cause a range of symptoms, from an upset stomach to a lack of appetite. Preventing them can help keep your cat healthy and your home clean. Here are a few, helpful tips:

  • Brush your cat regularly to remove as much loose hair as possible.
  • Try a cat food that is specifically formulated to help prevent hairballs, and make sure she has plenty of water.
  • If your cat grooms excessively, offer her new and exciting toys to keep her occupied.