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Just about anything! You can safely use MESSY PET on any water-safe surface. It will remove stains and odors from carpets, furniture, clothing, upholstery, mattresses, and much more!

Yes! Enzymes are literally the only thing that will safely and permanently remove all elements of cat urine, which can be tougher than dog urine to eliminate. When treated with peroxide, vinegar, detergent, ammonia, chlorine, baking soda, etc., the urine odor will continue to come back because these other cleaners can not break down the uric acid. Only enzymes can.

Before using any MESSY PET product to remove stains and odors on your furniture, be sure to check the manufacturer’s label for the cleaning code:
W: Can be cleaned with water-based cleaners like MESSY PET
S: Dry clean only or use a solvent sparingly but do not use a water-based cleaner
X: Not cleanable – vacuum only

No, always try MESSY PET first before using other cleaners containing chemicals. Some chemicals can block the enzymes from working.

There are no ingredients in MESSY PET that will cause a bleaching effect. If you cleaned a small area of your carpet and it later appears to have been bleached, it could be that the entire carpet needs to be cleaned. Also, urine and vomit are both very acidic and can frequently “burn” or “bleach” carpets and other fabrics. Sometimes, when stains are removed, there are bleached spots that appear. This is damage caused by the strong acids in both urine and vomit. It is always best to try and treat urine and vomit stains ASAP. A good test for your carpet is to take a cap full and pour it directly onto your carpet in an inconspicuous location. Check the area the next day. If you cannot see where it was applied, then it is safe to use on your entire carpet.

Yes, but MESSY PET works best when the ground is wet or damp so it may need to be done a few times a day for best results.

It can be safely sprayed anywhere that is water safe. If the curtains and drapes are dry clean or solvent clean only, it may be better to spray a cloth and attach the cloth to the drapes or curtains (or window screens).

Yes, but only if there are no open sores. Also avoid eyes, nose, mouth, genitals and rear end.

Yes, but it’s important to test a small area first. Do not saturate the leather. Give your bottle of PET DETERRENT a couple of shakes, pour onto a clean, dry cloth and wipe a generous amount on the area. After a couple of minutes, wipe the area with another clean, dry cloth. Let the area completely dry and repeat the treatment 2-3 times if necessary. It is water-based and has a small amount of alcohol; you will want to use the product carefully as to not damage your leather.

PET DETERRENT does have a bit of a rosemary/garlic smell, but it fades completely after the product dries.

Your pet’s sense of smell is much stronger than a person’s. PET DETERRENT contains a natural blend of plant-based oils that most cats detest, which is why it keeps them away. Some cats have different odors that they like or don’t. Not all cats are the same. Along with PET DETERRENT, cats still need to be trained to avoid bad behavior.
S: Dry clean only or use a solvent sparingly but do not use a water-based cleaner
X: Not cleanable – vacuum only

PET DETERRENT works best when it is wet and sometimes it’s necessary to teach your cat that the smell means to stay away. To do this, spray the area you want the cat to stay away from, allow the cat to approach the area, tell them NO and then immediately remove them and redirect to scratching post or toy giving praise and treats. This must be done each time you see them in an area you don’t want them in until they learn.

The odor from the uric acid must be removed before the behavior can be prevented. Uric acid is the noticeable smell in cat urine that is tough to remove from carpet and furniture. Once a cat has marked their territory and detects their scent, it’s a signal that they can continue to use this area. MESSY PET STAIN & ODOR REMOVER is excellent for this. You will need to keep them away from the area until it has dried, or they could mark again. Once dry, get close and check the smell. If you detect anything, then treat again. There is no need to try a deterrent until the odor is completely gone. The deterrent may not even be necessary after the smell is removed completely. Once the odor is eliminated then a deterrent can be used as directed.

Your animal’s taste can vary just like humans, not all scents will deter all felines, so success is not guaranteed, but if you’ve noticed your cat grimace at your rosemary diffuser or garlic noodles, it’s worth giving it a try. What repels one cat can be like catnip to another.

If your child should get MESSY PET in their mouth, their first reaction will be to spit it out because it tastes really bad. MESSY PET is non-toxic and not harmful if swallowed. The remedy for ingestion of MESSY PET is to drink a lot of water to aid in flushing it out your body. There are no long-term side effects to ingesting MESSY PET.

If you’ve used several bottles of MESSY PET on your pet accidents and your carpet continues to smell, it generally means one, two, or all of the following:

1. The enzymes in MESSY PET can become non-effective if used after other cleaning products have been applied to the affected area. MESSY PET works best if it is the first and only product used. If other products have been used, you will want to thoroughly clean the area with clean water to get rid of any residue of the previously used products. Let the area dry completely and then use MESSY PET.

2. Not enough MESSY PET was used to reach all of the urine. The enzymes in MESSY PET need to reach all of the urine so if the urine went deep into the carpet and padding, MESSY PET also needs to go deep into the carpet and padding.

3. After treating your carpet, your pet revisits the area before it is dry. It is during the drying process that the urine odor is eliminated. If your pet has access to the area while it is drying, they may remark the area. If you cannot keep your pet out of the room that is being treated, place a laundry basket upside down over the area. This will allow good air circulation while keeping your pet from ‘re-visiting’ the area.

4. MESSY PET has not had sufficient time to dry. It is during the drying process that the odor is completely eliminated. The more product you use, the longer it will take to completely dry. We suggest allowing 2 weeks to completely dry. If the odor persists after 2 weeks, you will want to retreat the area.